Software testing expertise

We specialize in test automation, technical test management, unit testing, functional system testing, value chain testing, performance and robustness testing.

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Automated testing

Test automation at all levels of testing, from unit to end-to-end testing, is essential in order to deliver new functionality and bug fixes continuously, while lowering the risk of releasing expensive defects into production.

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Model-based testing

Using model-based test techniques we can automate the test automation! The result is higher test coverage more quickly, simpler maintenance of test code, as well as more correct and precise requirements.

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Smart testing with machine learning

With our in-depth knowledge of machine learning, we can deliver a range of solutions to streamline and improve your testing. Using machine learning we can analyze large amounts of data and develop solutions for smarter testing!

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Test data generation

An important prerequisite for successful testing in general, and automated testing in particular, is that you can make high-quality, representative and complex test data that cover the necessary variations and volumes needed for good test coverage.

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Video introduction of Testify

A short introduction about what we can offer.

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