Our people

Several of our people have a PhD in software testing combined with years of practical experience

Erik Arisholm

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Erik founded Testify in 2010 and is the company’s CEO. He was previously a Professor at Simula Research Laboratory and has a PhD in Software Engineering. In later years he has worked as an adviser and project manager and introduced new technology for efficient test automation in large projects.

Amir Yazdanshenas

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Amir has a PhD in Software Engineering from Simula Research Laboratory, specializing in model-based software development, analysis and verification of non-functional requirements. Amir is an expert in visualization, analysis, verification and certification of robustness and performance in complex, distributed systems.

Erik Rogstad

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Erik is the CTO of Testify, and has a PhD from Simula Research Laboratory in automated system and regression testing of database applications. He has worked as a system developer in large development projects, and is an expert in black-box system testing, regression testing and test data generation and anonymization.

Magnus Engh Halvorsen

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Magnus is the COO of Testify. He has a Master’s degree in Informatics and has experience as test manager, test architect, project manager and test developer in both technical/integrated and administrative systems. Magnus has introduced and implemented innovative solutions for automated functional and non-functional testings in several complex and business-critical projects.

Patryk Chamuczynski

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Patryk is the manager of our subsidiary company Testify Poland. He has a PhD in model-based testing of integrated real-time systems from Goettingen in Germany. Patryk has worked for Philips Research in Aachen and was the leader of the R&D department in TechniSat (digital TV). Patryk is head of Testify’s test tool development.

Farnaz Arisholm

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Farnaz has an Electrical Engineering degree and an MBA from University of Toronto. Before she joined Testify, she worked 15 years as a test manager, project manager, software development manager and department manager in Oracle Norway, where she managed large, international development projects.

Marek Kuczabiński

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Marek has a Master’s degree in electronics and is a senior developer in Testify Poland. He has more than 20 years of experience as a developer with expertise in C++, integrated systems and telecom/cellular technology. At the moment, Marek is working on developing a tool for automated combinatorial testing of Android mobile phones.

Vegard Nyeng

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Vegard has a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and his skill set includes Java software development and technical testing of mobile applications, performance testing and functional testing using a number of test tools, including Cucumber, Selenium, SoapUI, JMeter, Visual Studio and the HP test tool suite.

Morten Bosseng

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Morten holds a master’s degree (siv.ing.) in physics from NMBU with further education in IT, and he is a senior technical project manager and test manager with extensive and diverse experience from various aspects of large IT projects. He has held roles such as system developer, test developer, technical tester, technical project manager, and test manager, on both the client and supplier sides, in both public and private sectors in Norway and internationally.

Morten is an expert in technical testing of large, complex, and mission-critical solutions, as well as underlying infrastructure, delivery, and operational platforms with strict requirements for robustness, performance, reliability, security, and preparedness.

With his technical background and strong understanding of both traditional and modern application architecture and operational platforms, Morten is a valuable partner for other project team members and stakeholders, including developers, project managers, and external suppliers.

Dag Nygaard

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Dag is Cand.scient. in Informatics and has substantial experience in Java development, test development and build automation in large software development projects in media (mobile TV), telecommunications, banking and the public sector. He has also specialized as test developer based on a long and varied experience as a software developer.

Chao Tan

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Chao is now doing an industrial PhD in Testify, on generation of synthetic, complex test data. She has a Master’s degree in microelectronics from University of Oslo and a Bachelor’s degree in electronics from University of Science and Technology of China. Chao is also an expert in test-driven development of integrated systems. She has experience as test manager and test developer for mobile apps.

Konstantinos Antonakopoulos

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Konstantinos has a PhD in AI/computer science from Norwegian University of Science and Technology and a broad experience in IT from both the private and the public sector. He has almost 20 years of practical experience in test management, project management, release management, technical testing and test development.

Polina Dobrovolskaia

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Polina is a Sivilingeniør from Norwegian University of Science and Technology in physics and mathematics, and has 5 years experience in testing from both the public and the private sector, in roles as responsible tester, tester and test developer. Polina is a highly skilled test engineer who is now also working on a Master’s degree in machine learning (bioinformatics) at the University of Oslo, as well as an ISTQB Advanced Test Automation Engineer certification. She also participates in the competency groups «Automated and model-based testing» and «Machine learning with applications for testing» in Testify.

Fredrik Rawicki

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Fredrik is a dedicated, skilled and experienced tester who enjoys working in a busy and fast-paced environment. He has worked in testing and quality assurance at Kongsberg for many years, in both larger and smaller projects, and has extensive experience in testing highly complex and security critical systems requiring high precision and a systematic approach to all stages of the testing work.

Lorraine Mei

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Lorraine has a Master’s degree in signal processing and more than 13 years of experience within development and testing in technical domains, and telecommunications in particular. She has worked as a test manager and technical tester in a number of projects at Ericsson and Alcatel-Lucent. Lorraine is highly skilled in system testing, system integration testing and end-to-end testing of large and complex business solutions.

Wasana Leithe

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Wasana has several years of experience as a test developer, and as a frontend and backend developer. She has an MSc in Computer Science from Kristiania University College, as well as a BSc and an MBA from Thailand. Wasana is a certified Java developer and is experienced in a number of well-known tools and frameworks for both frontend and backend development. In addition to this she holds multiple ISTQB certifications within the field of testing.

Krzysztof Skorupski

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Krzysztof has a Master’s degree in artificial intelligence/biometrics and a PhD in electronics from Wrocław University of Technology, where he also used to be assistant professor before he joined Testify Poland. He has developed advanced algorithms in several fields, and is a very skilled Java developer. He now works on the development of our own test tool ecFeed.

Basel Murad Agha

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Basel has two Master’s degrees, one in informatics and one in computer engineering, from Syria and Germany respectively, together with more than 10 years of experience in technical testing, test development, devops and test management. He has worked in the oil and gas sector as well as the telecom sector, for Ericsson, National Oilwell Varco, Aker Solutions, Equinor (Statoil) and Visavi Technology.
Basel has worked in projects where he has been technical test manager, test adviser, test analyst, test environment coordinator and tester, and he has solid, practical experience with both manual and automated testing.

Kjell Omdal Erichsen

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Kjell has a Master of Science degree (siv.ing) from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and 20 years of experience in software development and testing. He has worked for several large, well-known Norwegian companies in roles such as developer, test developer, test advisor, test architect and head of quality.

In a addition to his background as a developer and his technical skills, he is a solid team player who is able to collaborate well across different disciplines in order to land test strategies and technical solutions tailored to the needs of the particular system and organization.

Gunnar Danielsen

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Gunnar is a senior test engineer with a degree in Electronics and information technology, and seven years of experience in quality, testing, test automation and test analysis. In addition he is a certified electrican, with five years of experience as a project manager and installer in projects related to electrical power and weak current systems (automation/cybernetics) in the oil and gas industry. Gunnar is solution-oriented with a strong understanding of testing and quality assurance of complex systems — both hardware and software.

Anette Borge Saksvik

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Anette has a long and versatile experience from software development projects in various roles, such as test manager, tester, project manager, change manager, documentation specialist, product owner and developer. She is particularly experienced in data warehousing.

In later years, Anette has primarily worked in large projects in the public sector. Most recently as the main test manager for relatively large and complex IT programs in the Norwegian Tax Administration, where she has spent the past 4 years.

Anette is particularly concerned with having good and defined processes for development and testing.

May Kristin Ugelstad

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May is an experienced tester with more than 15 years experience in different roles, such as technical tester, functional tester, test manager, scrum master and team lead.

She holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Business Information Technology from Kingston University in England, and has gained extensive experience in testing in agile development projects. Among other things, she has worked with complex IT solutions in the real estate industry, public health and energy business in Norway, and HR solutions in England.

May is passionate about software quality at all levels, and prefers working closely with the development team to ensure that the technology and software is working as intended.

Magnus Namork

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Magnus holds a Master’s degree in Electronics from NTNU. He has extensive experience with large and complex value chains and has worked on implementing multiple automated testing processes in both the public and the private sector.

In addition to his strong technical expertise, Magnus is an engaged and open individual who thrives in cross-functional teams with a lot going on.

Magnus connects well with people and quickly becomes a trusted partner for his clients. He’s also skilled at passing on his expertise and sharing from his experiences.

Stian Martinius Tellefsen

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Stian is a trainee at Testify and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Applied Computer Technology, specializing in programming.

He generally has a deep interest in technology and how it is developed and applied in various fields. Stian is curious and eager to learn, and he readily embarks on new projects.

Outside of work and studies, Stian is an active individual who is highly interested in strength training and physical health.

Kristoffer Arisholm

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Kristoffer is a trainee at Testify and is enrolled in the electronics engineering program at OsloMet, where he has chosen the automation specialization to delve into the interaction between hardware and software.

He has an international educational background, which has provided him with strong language skills and has made him accustomed to working effectively with people from all around the world.

Kristoffer aims to specialize in security testing, and to further his understanding of software, he also engages in programming projects during his free time, involving both backend and frontend development.

Syver Borge Saksvik

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Syver is a trainee at Testify and is studying computer science at UiO with a specialization in programming and system architecture.

As a person, Syver is outgoing, interested, and quick to learn.

Not least, he is also ambitious and very passionate about kayaking. In addition to his studies, Syver is also dedicated to being a top athlete with the goal of becoming the U23 World Champion in marathon kayaking by 2026!