Testify is a company that values academic achievement and research contributions, and we encourage everyone in the company to help develop the field of software testing through such work. A significant portion of our people has a PhD in software testing.

Research directions

Our people do research within the following areas:

Research projects

Some of the research projects our people have been involved in are:

Organizing activities

Testifiers contribute to the organizing of academic and industrial conferences, workshops and other events world wide. Our latest activites:


Awards won by Testifiers in the course of their work:

Research collaboration

Testify collaborates with universities and research institutes. Some of the topics and collaboration partners are:

Research publications

Testifiers produce research that is publicized in various conferences and journals. Here is a list of the most recent works:

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We regularly present at conferences, seminars, workshops and other events. Here is a list of the most recent appearances by Testifiers on such occasions:

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