Testify @ Saint-Aubin

Last weekend we finally had the opportunity to all meet up again for another international Testify seminar adventure! This time we gathered in Les étangs de Saint-Aubin, a wonderful «hunting lodge» (a.k.a. castle/chateau) a little outside of Paris, France.

Between frequent servings of delicious food and drinks, there was time for fun and games – as well as some serious work, of course!

In Testify we pride ourselves on our flat hierarchy and employee focus. True to form, much of the seminar work went into sessions where everyone was engaged in brainstorming and discussing how to:

  • make Testify as a company, and everyone who works here, the best within the field software testing
  • ensure that Testify remains a great place to work

It’s safe to say that both professionally and socially the seminar was a success. Now we look forward to continue building the company based on the input. And to the next trip in February, of course 😀

A team of Testify explorers also ventured on bike trips to beautiful nearby villages
(with even bigger castles)